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Kitty Donohoe - Children's Author

School Programs

Kitty honed her skills working with school kids years ago when she was performing in two schools a day, five days a week, month after month! A grueling schedule, to be sure, but she enjoyed every minute of it and she still does.

Every child loves to sing and create, and Kitty helps draw that out with her inclusive programs. Using guitar, banjo and concertina (depending on the program), mountain and hammer dulcimers, Kitty integrates information with music in a fun, uplifting way. Even the shy ones start singing along and answering questions!

March is Reading Month


“We were incredibly fortunate to have author, musician and storyteller Kitty Donohoe with us for a week in October for our Artist in the Schools Student Project. She spent a full school week with us and her act was multifacted, so terrific for our classrooms and our adult audiences as well.”

Evie Johnson, past president of the Copper Country Reading Council

“If I did not say it enough, I was absolutely thrilled with your work…fantastic job!”

Chuck Estep, Educational Consultant, Monroe County ISD
Young Author’s Conference, March 2018

“Kitty’s artistry enthralled the students and inspired them to create their own artworks. Kitty is a masterful and magical artist and storyteller. I would love for more of the student body to experience her talent.”

Melissa Hronkin, Houghton El

School & Library Programs

~ Visiting Author ~

With guitar and dulcimer Kitty gets the kids singing some of the songs from the book “Henny and Benny Bunyan and the Maple Syrup Adventure” (which includes a CD), discuss a few points (like “who was Paul Bunyan and was he real or a myth?” or “what is a flapjack”?), she reads the book out loud (using visuals), answers questions and time permitting, everyone writes a song together. Another option is writing a story together with smaller teams of students.

~ Bunyan & Banjoes ~

songs and stories about Michigan with accompaniment on guitar, banjo, mountain and hammer dulcimers. Two versions available: K-2 (30 min) & 3-5/6 (45 min). Songs can be about maple syrup, voyageurs, the Mackinac Bridge, logging in Michigan and more. Includes a tall tale.

~ Lighthouses & Legends ~

(upper el only) ~ has a Great Lakes theme and touches on the lakes, ships, and interesting facts about lighthouses and the lakes. Instruments include guitar, mountain and hammer dulcimers and concertina. 45 min (No banjo in this one!)


  • Half day (2 presentations) $400.00
  • Full day (4 presentations in same school) $600.00
  • Price break ~ half day in two schools (AM & PM) $375.00 each

Travel fees may apply. For residency prices Kitty can be reached at

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